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The Pharmcy profession comprising the Industrial and practice sectors is undergoing a rapid change. Indian Pharma Industry which has registered a spectacular progress today ranks 4th in volume and 13th value in the global pharmaceutical market with exports worth US dollars 2.6 billion besides domestic sales amounting to over US dollars 4 million. The ever expanding Pharma’s Industrial and practice sectors need clilnically and technologically trained Pharmacy professionals who can face global challenges and compete with the multinationls. India has become a hub of Pharma industry sector,especially Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh has established a good place in Pharma sector.
  1. To translate the institution as one amongest the best of Pharmacy colleges.
  2. Collaboration with Pharmaceutical Industries.
  3. develop a model manufacturing unit in the campus.
  4. To establish well equipped laboratories to undertake analysis of drugs & Pharmaceuticals.
Institutions Run By Bhimavaram Education Society
  1. K.G.R.L  Junior College
  2. K.G.R.L  Degree College (Autonomous)
  3. K.G.R.L. P.G Courses
  4. G.J.P College of Education for women (B.Ed & M.Ed)
  5. K.G.R.L  College of Pharmacy
  6. Mentey Padmanabham College of Engineering & Technology
  7. G.T.P. College of D.Ed
  8. G.T.P. Model School.